katerina sedlackova




 I am an observer, investigating human body as an medical object. I am finding links and exploring relationships between fragility of human life, the impact of our life style choices and the environment we created to live in on our health and the environment.

My work is influenced and inspired by nature as well as human creation and technology. I take inspiration in city living, recycling and human consumption as well as hospital environment where I work. I use object of everyday life in my work, and I am fascinated by Industrial textures and colours in contrast and in combination with soft and natural designs. I currently work in stoneware, use different hand- building techniques and combination of wheel-thrown shapes to create unique pieces. My work Is very intuitive and I usually do not know what will happen next, or how will the finished piece look like,leaving space for surprise. I like to use different types of clay and leave the surface mainly unglazed, leaving the natural colour of the clay stand out, with oxides and glazes rubbed into the textures.






March 2013 - up to dateInk-d Gallery - Brighton- Internship
17-18. 11. 2012Art in Clay - Farnham - General Helper
18.7 - 22.7.2012Art in Action - Waterperry House - Assistant to Ceramic artist Deana Lee in Ceramic Demonstrator's tent
29.1.2012Art Junky/ Workshop - Brighton- Asiistant to Ceramic artist Alice Walton
5.7 - 8.7.2012Art in Clay - Hatfield House - General helper
July 2011 - up to datePhoenix Gallery - Brighton - Volunteer
June 2011- March 2013VoluntaryApprenticeship - Worthing, Ceramic Artist John Evans



Exhibition History

26.7- 10.8 2014Southern Ceramic Group Summer Exhibition Chichester Cathedral- Bishop’s Kitchen
4th 5th 6th July 2014The 20th Art in Clay HATFIELD HOUSE, Hertfordshire
5. & 6. April 2014Art Junky - Brighton – Phoenix gallery
weekends in May 2014 –Artist Open Houses -Brighton
- 30 Gerard Street – The Claremont, Second Avenue
weekends in June 2014Artist Open Houses -Worthing 23 Bath Road
15 – 28 May 2013Fishing Quarter Gallery – Brighton
27.7 - 11.8.2013Southern Ceramic Group Exhibition- Chichester - Bishop's Kitchen, Chichester Cathedral
1st & 2nd June 2013Floral Fringe Fair - Knepp Castle - West Grinstead
All Weekends, May 2013Artists Open Houses - 23 Cornwall Gardens, Brighton
27.7 - 12.8. 2012Southern Ceramic Group Summer Exhibition - Chichester, Bishop's Kitchen, Chichester Cathedral
5.11- 21.11.2012London Potters Annual exhibition- London, Morley Gallery
24 & 25. 11. 2012Art Junky - Brighton, Phoenix Gallery